Challenge examination 1) in which era were only the u.s. government,

Challenge Examination

1) In which era were only the U.S. government, colleges, and universities able to

access the Internet?

a. 1960s

b. 1970s

c. 1980s

d. 1990s


2) Application software includes all of the following EXCEPT ________ software.

a. word-processing

b. Web browser

c. system

d. e-mail


3) Output refers to:

a. displaying the results of the processing operation so that people can undestand


b. information that needs further computer activity in order to have meaning to


c. performing operations on the input data.

d. sending the results of computer processing to a permanent location.


4) Which of the following device types holds the programs and data that the

computer uses?

a. Communication devices

b. Input devices

c. Output devices

d. Storage devices


5) Which of the following is often considered the fi fth operation in the information-

processing cycle?

a. Communications

b. E-commerce

c. Ethics

d. Analysis

Challenge Examination

6) Network computers have limited resources in all the following areas EXCEPT:

a. storage.

b. processing.

c. memory.

d. connectivity.


7) What type of systems are the ones on which human lives depend?

a. Health-dependent

b. Life-and-death-critical

c. Safety-critical

d. Mission-critical





8) Which of the following safety-critical airline computer systems requires the

highest level of quality standards?

a. Reservation

b. Passenger list and seating assignments

c. Passenger entertainment and communication

d. Air traffi c control


9) More than ________ computers, monitors, and TVs become obsolete each


a. 10 million

b. 100 million

c. 10 billion

d. 100 billion


10) What is a school’s code of conduct for computers users called?

a. Computer usage agreement

b. Acceptable use policy

c. Computer conduct agreement

d. Associated usage principals


11) Which of the following would NOT be considered correct netiquette?

a. Reading the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document posted on a mailing

list prior to submitting a question

b. Avoiding slang and jokes in professional e-mail

c. Using all capital letters in an e-mail response

d. Learning and using Internet Relay Chat (IRC) abbreviations in the same way

as other users

Challenge Examination

12) Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning computer games and


a. The games industry has taken responsibility to minimize the violence in their


b. Computer games are becoming more violent.

c. Playing computer games led to the Columbine tragedy.

d. Computer games cause players to be more violent and aggressive.


13) At the heart of every computer code of ethics is to:

a. eliminate all potential computer bugs.

b. honor property rights and individual privacy.

c. avoid harm and protect human life.

d. fi ght software piracy.


14) Which of the following is NOT considered plagiarism?

a. Purchase a term paper from an Internet company and use it as the basis of

your own work for a college course.

b. Paste a paragraph of text from a Web page into an essay, but make modifi cations

to it before submission as your homework assignment.

c. Use a quote from a public speech on your history take-home exam, but cite

the orator in your bibliography.

d. With his consent, copy your friend’s algebra homework for submission to your

math instructor.

15) Plagiarizing copyrighted material is also known as:

a. copyright theft.

b. copyright piracy.

c. unacceptable copyright use.

d. copyright infringement.


16) Which of the following activities is NOT permitted with a shareware product?

a. Keep the software on your computer system beyond the trial expiration date.

b. Use the software during the trial period and then delete it.

c. Copy a trial version to give to your friend for examination.

d. Download the software from the Internet and then install it on both your desktop

and laptop computers.

Challenge Examination

17) If software falls under the General Public License, it:

a. can only legally be copied on one PC.

b. may be copied and used freely.

c. can be legally installed on one LAN.

d. may be copied to one PC then legally sold to another user.


18) Which of the following is NOT considered copyright infringement with respect

to a sound fi le?

a. Copying the song to a disk for your friend as encouragement to buy the album

b. Using a phrase of the music in a college term paper as an example of a particular

musical style

c. Downloading the song to play at a party and then deleting it the next day

d. Using part of the song as a jingle on your company Web site


19) Hypertext works by using:

a. objects.

b. embedded commands.

c. hypermedia.

d. hyperlinks.


20) The fi rst successful graphical Web browser was called:

a. Explorer.

b. Netscape.

c. Mozilla.

d. Mosaic.


21) In a Web browser, the Refresh button is used to:

a. return to the home page.

b. exit from the browser.

c. go back to the page previously viewed.

d. obtain the latest content of the page being viewed.








22) HTTP is best defi ned as a:

a. standard for the exchange of information on the Web.

b. markup language used to describe the format of Web pages.

c. programming language used to write Internet-related application software.

d. scripting language used to add dynamic content to Web pages.

Challenge Examination

23) Which of the following is an example of a top-level domain name?

a. www.

b. ftp

c. http://

d. .edu


24) What is the name of the path that houses the Web page in the fi ctitious URL

given below?

a. welcome.htm

b. classroom

c. classroom/welcome.htm



25) In a URL which of the following identifi es the location of a document on the


a. Domain

b. Path

c. Director

d. Locator


26) What is the software called that goes about the Web gathering URLs and

information on their associated pages?

a. Seeker

b. Searcher

c. Snail

d. Spider


27) Which of the following is most likely an e-mail address?


b. Jane Doe

c. mailbox.htm

d. [email protected]


28) Which type of e-commerce occurs when a business uses the Internet to provide

services to another business?

a. B2B

b. C2C

c. B2C

d. B2I

Challenge Examination

29) eBay transactions are examples of which type of e-commerce?

a. C2C

b. B2I

c. B2C

d. B2B

30) Which type of e-commerce occurs when a merchant uses the Internet to supply

consumers with goods or services?

a. C2C

b. C2I

c. B2B

d. B2C


31) Although now sells a variety of merchandise, it originally:

a. sold airline tickets.

b. sold books.

c. rented hotel rooms.

d. conducted stock transactions.


32) Retailers that have both an online and traditional presence are known as

________ retailers.

a. B2C

b. click-and-brick

c. brick-and-mortar

d. brick-and-click


33) Quicken and Microsoft Money Plus are commonly used to assist in online:

a. auctions.

b. stock trading.

c. travel reservations.

d. banking.


34) E-trading began in:

a. 1996.

b. 1999.

c. 2002.

d. 1990.

Challenge Examination

35) Online stock trading accounts for what part of all stock trades?

a. One-tenth

b. One-sixth

c. Two-thirds

d. Three-fourths


36) Bluetooth devices identify each other using ________ that are unique to each


a. radio frequencies

b. honing devices

c. analog waves

d. identifi cation numbers


37) Because ________ is still NOT available in many areas, direct broadcast satellite

is a viable option.

a. broadband

b. the public telephone system

c. cabling

d. None of the above

38) Which of the following statements is NOT true about the public switched

telephone network (PSTN)?

a. PSTN uses subscriber loop carriers to link home and business telephones.

b. PSTN uses a variety of physical media, including twisted-pair and fi ber-optic


c. PSTN is exclusively an analog network.

d. PSTN is a global network used for both voice and data communications.


39) A local exchange switch of the PSTN is typically located:

a. on the side of a customer’s house.

b. on a telephone pole at the end of a block or small area.

c. at a network access point (NAP).

d. in the local telephone company’s central offi ce.


40) ________ sends more than one call over a single line.

a. Splitting

b. Multiplexing

c. Converging

d. Diverging

Challenge Examination

41) Approximately what percentage of U.S. households has opted to disconnect

their conventional landline telephones and rely on cellular service only?

a. 10

b. 15

c. 25

d. 5


42) Which of the following is NOT a home networking technology?

a. Wi-Fi

b. Power-line

c. Infrared

d. Phone-line


43) What is the communications standard that specifi es how physically connected

computers in a network send data?

a. Ethernet

b. peer-to-peer

c. RJ-45

d. Cat-5


44) Wi-Fi network access points are also referred to as:

a. points of presence.

b. network interface points.

c. wireless access points.

d. peer computer points.


45) Which of the following is NOT a step in setting up a home network?

a. Confi guration

b. Planning

c. Maintenance and support

d. Wiring

46) A wired Ethernet network is best installed at what time?

a. After the networking equipment is purchased

b. During home construction

c. Over a long weekend

d. After home construction

Challenge Examination

47) Which of the following is not a task in the confi guration process?

a. Designating which PC s are part of the network

b. Wiring the network

c. Designating how fi les, folders and peripherals will be shared

d. Installing the proper hardware and software


48) The best way to improve the performance of your computer is to:

a. increase the size of the swap fi le so that you can use variable pages.

b. install more RAM in the computer because the random access memory works

faster than the hard disk.

c. increase the use of virtual memory because the paging technique increases

the speed of the memory.

d. install a larger hard disk in the computer so that you can store more swap

fi les.


49) Signals that inform the OS that something has happened are:

a. program defects.

b. operating system diversions.

c. interrupts.

d. drivers.


50) The following is an example of which type of user interface?

copy A:mypic.jpg c:mypic.jpg

a. Instruction-driven

b. Directive-based

c. Command-line

d. Menu-driven


51) Linux is an example of open source software, meaning:

a. it has to be confi gured to your computer system.

b. the software must be purchased from a vendor who markets products on an

open commercial Web site.

c. the software has not been perfected suffi ciently to be of professional value.

d. users can see and modify the source programming code.

Challenge Examination

52) Many CIOs shy away from adopting Linux because:

a. it has not been properly tested.

b. it doesn’t have a stable company behind it.

c. it’s free.

d. it’s powerful.






53) The UNIX operating system was developed by:

a. Apple.

b. Microsoft.

c. IBM.

d. AT&T.


54) Folders are also known as:

a. groups.

b. directories.

c. repositories.

d. fi les.


55) Given the fi le designator below, in which folder is the fi le located?


a. Computer

b. Homework

c. Spring

d. C:


56) Which of the following is NOT a storage device typically found on desktop


a. Hard drive

b. Tape drive

c. CD drive

d. DVD drive


57) The second part of a fi le name on a PC is called the:

a. prefi x.

b. domain.

c. extension.

d. suffi x.

Challenge Examination

58) A fi le with extension .xlsx is most likely a(n):

a. ASCII text fi le.

b. Microsoft Excel fi le.

c. Picture or image fi le.

d. Microsoft Access fi le.


59) Right-dragging a fi le between drives:

a. displays the task pane.

b. copies the fi le.

c. displays a context-sensitive menu.

d. moves the fi le.


60) Multimedia involves ________ or more media.

a. at least three

b. ten

c. four

d. two



61) Which type of graphic is created by a drawing program?

a. Post Script

b. bit-mapped

c. raster

d. Vector


62) Graphical MUDS serve which of the following purposes?

a. Compressing graphics for use in digital video

b. Decompressing graphics in preparation for displaying on the Web

c. Compressing graphics in preparation for displaying on the Web

d. Bringing the virtual environment to life in 3-D graphical environments


63) If inserting the disk doesn’t automatically start the installation process, you

will need to click the Windows ________ button.

a. Explore

b. Tools

c. Start

d. Install

Challenge Examination

64) Applications typically enable you to choose from a list of ________ that

specify how you want the program to operate.

a. defaults

b. confi gurations

c. options

d. packages


65) Which of the following programs is NOT included with the Home and Student

version of Microsoft Offi ce?

a. Access

b. Excel

c. PowerPoint

d. Word


66) Which part of a Microsoft Offi ce application window includes the Maximize,

Minimize, and Close buttons?

a. Toolbar

b. Status bar

c. Task bar

d. Title bar


67) Which part of a Microsoft Offi ce application window includes information

about the current document, such as a page number or edit mode?

a. Toolbar

b. Task pane

c. Status bar

d. Title bar






68) Which of the following is NOT a tab name found in the Ribbon?

a. Insert

b. Print

c. Home

d. View

Challenge Examination

69) Which type of Microsoft Access object would be useful if you needed to design

an input screen through which a clerk might enter data?

a. Query

b. Table

c. Form

d. Report


70) Floating-point notation:

a. allows the computer to work with very large, but not very small, numbers.

b. uses no fi xed number of digits before or after the decimal point.

c. requires newer computers to have a special chip called a math coprocessor.

d. has no advantage if used with numbers containing fractional points.


71) Which of the following would NOT be found on the motherboard?

a. Microprocessor

b. Drive bays

c. Input/output buses

d. System clock


72) At the most granular level, the CPU interprets and processes:

a. mathematical equations.

b. comparisons.

c. instructions.

d. Boolean operators.


73) Which subcomponent of the CPU takes instructions from memory and decodes

and executes the instructions?

a. Data bus

b. Microprocessor

c. Control unit

d. Arithmetic-logic unit


74) Video circuitry that is built into the motherboard is called:

a. on-board video.

b. a VGA connector.

c. a video adapter.

d. a video card.

Challenge Examination

75) A(n) ________ can store more data than a CD and yet is compatible with compact


a. HiFD

b. DVD

c. RD

d. BD


76) The quality and resolution of the display on the monitor is determined by

which component?

a. RAM

b. Video card

c. ROM

d. Hard drive


77) What is another term for aperture grill?

a. Dot pitch

b. LCD mask

c. Electron mesh

d. Raster lattice


78) Which of the following is NOT true?

a. A laser printer is faster than an inkjet printer.

b. The print quality of a laser printer is better than an inkjet printer.

c. The operating cost of a laser printer is more than an inkjet printer.

d. The purchase price of a laser printer is more than an inkjet printer.


79) What is the purpose of a UPS?

a. It provides a power source if electricity fails.

b. It is the primary power source for a notebook computer.

c. It is an alternate hard disk backup unit in case of hard disk failure.

d. It is a theft-protection system that disables your computer if stolen.

Challenge Examination

80) Early speech recognition systems used what type of speech recognition?

a. Expansive

b. Limited

c. Continuous

d. Discrete


81) The ________ is a pattern of bars printed on merchandise that stores information

about the item.

a. EDI

b. OMR


d. UPC


82) Which of the following is NOT a reason for using storage rather than memory

to hold data and information?

a. There are limitations to the size of RAM.

b. Storage devices traditionally have faster access times than RAM.

c. Storage devices are nonvolatile.

d. Storage devices are inexpensive compared to RAM.


83) Which of the following is NOT an example of a solid state storage device?

a. Smart card

b. Cache memory

c. PC card

d. Flash memory card


84) What type of storage uses two laser beams to create a three-dimensional image?

a. Graphical

b. Integrated circuit

c. Fiber optic

d. Holographic


85) The term MP3 is derived from the acronym:


b. MPEG.

c. MPPP.

d. MPJG.

Challenge Examination

86) Music on a CD is high quality because the music is sampled ________ times

per second.

a. 11,025

b. 22,050

c. 44,100

d. 88,200


87) An MP3 fi le is about ________ the size of an uncompressed fi le.

a. one-tenth

b. one-fi fth

c. one-fourth

d. one-half


88) Which of the following is NOT a video codec?

a. MP3

b. QuickTime

c. AVI



89) All of the following provide similar functions in a network EXCEPT:

a. network operating systems.

b. switches.

c. routers.

d. wireless access points.


90) Some of the biggest P2P threats are from:

a. insuffi cient capacity.

b. malware.

c. poor confi guration.

d. NOS defects.


91) To carry computer data over the long haul, WANs need to have a(n) ________

in multiple towns and cities.

a. router

b. hub

c. ISP

d. POP

Challenge Examination


92) Which switching method is used by the public switched telephone network


a. Distributed

b. Packet

c. Parcel

d. Circuit


93) Moore’s Law predicts that microprocessors and circuits will double in circuit

density every:

a. 6 months.

b. 18 to 24 months.

c. 5 years.

d. decade.


94) According to Metcalfe’s Law, a network connecting fi ve people has a value of:

a. 5.

b. 10.

c. 15.

d. 25.


95) When considering the human brain as a CPU, in which area is it the weakest?

a. Visual input

b. Storage

c. Mathematical calculations

d. Pattern matching


96) Machine translation programs are used to:

a. convert spoken words to text.

b. convert text from one language to another.

c. translate code written in a high-level language into machine language.

d. convert scanned pictures to graphic fi les.


97) Which organization has reported that many color laser printers embed printer

tracking dots on nearly every page at the urging of the U.S. government?

a. Electronic Frontier Foundation

b. National Printer Alliance

c. Patriot Organization

d. National Counterfeit Tracking Organization

Challenge Examination

98) The new emerging legal fi eld that tracks and combats computer-related

crimes is called:

a. Web law.

b. cyberlaw.

c. Web policing.

d. Internet crime fi ghting.


99) Many computer viruses are spread by:

a. LAN and WAN connected computers.

b. CDs and DVDs.

c. e-mail attachments.

d. software downloaded from the Internet.

100) When Internet data appears to come from one place when it’s really coming

from another, this is known as:

a. forgery.

b. blackmail.

c. salami shaving.

d. data diddling.

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