Bis 155 final exam latest work updated 23 august 2017

Complete the tasks below using Microsoft Excel. You may refer to your notes, the textbook, or other resources (for example, you may search the Web for information). You may not get interactive help from any other person (either in person or via e-mail, text messaging, instant messaging, or other communications channels).


Save your work frequently using CTL+s.


You have 4 hours to complete this exam.


Note: Be sure you spell-check on every worksheet and correct all spelling errors.


Getting Started

a.     Open Excel (either on your desktop or in Citrix).

b.     If you are using Citrix, you need to upload the spreadsheet to your virtual drive before you can open it in Excel.

c.     Open the Practical Exam spreadsheet you downloaded from the Exam page in eCollege. 

d.     Save the spreadsheet as LastnameFirstInitial Week8 FinalExam.xlsx.
Example: If your name was Jane Doe, the file name would be: DoeJ Week8 FinalExam.xlsx.


1.     Formatting and Charts (Excel; TCOs 1, 2, and 3; 30 points)


Using the Documentation Sheet


a. Enter your name and today’s date.

Using the Quest 1 & 2 Worksheet

  1. Adjust the widths of the columns as needed so all data is visible.
  2. Center the title Car Part Service – Sales by Product across columns A–E.
  3. Increase the font size to 20, and change the font color to red and bold.
  4. Bold the column headings Category, Product, Unit Price, Quantity, and Total Sales.
  5. Add formulas to the Total Sales column to calculate the total sales for each product.
  6. Add a grand total at the bottom of the Total Sales column in cell E18.
  7. Format the grand total so that it is easily read.
  8. Format the numbers in the Unit Price and Total Sales columns as accounting or currency format with a dollar sign and two decimal places.

j.      Correct spelling by using the spell-check feature.

  1. Create a column chart on a separate sheet that displays the total sales for each product. (Do not include the grand total in the column chart!)
  2. Move the chart to a new worksheet titled Chart 1.
  3. Make the title of the chart Total CPS Sales by Product.
  4. Add a data label showing the amount on the outside of each bar in the chart, not in a separate legend.
  5. Move the Chart1 bar chart worksheet immediately after the Quest 1 & 2 sheet.
  6. Save your work (CTRL+s) (but leave it open to continue).


2.     Formulas, Applications and Statistical Functions (Excel; TCOs 2, 3, 6, and 10; 30 points)


Using the Quest 1 & 2 Worksheet 


  1. Draw a box around the table at A22–B25 with a light shading color for the column labels. 
  2. Add the label Assessment in cell F3 and resize column to a width of 15. 
  3. In column F, add formulas using a lookup function that will look up each total sales amount in the table of sales and assessments in A22:B25 and display the corresponding assessment.
    For example, if the total sales in cell E5 is $479, then Good should display in cell F5.
  4. In cell F22, add Label: Highest Sales.
  5. In cell G22, add the function formula for Maximum based on the Total Sales column.
  6. In cell F23, add Label: Lowest Sales.
  7. In cell G23, add the function formula for Minimum based on the Total Sales column.
  8. In cell F24, add Label: Average Sales.
  9. In cell G24, add the function formula for Average based on the Total Sales column.
  10. Place a border around the statistics data and widen columns as needed for readability.
  11. Resize all columns as appropriate.
  12. Save your work (CTRL+s).


3.     Lists, Sorting, Charts, and Conditional Formatting (Excel; TCOs 4 and 6; 40 points)


Using the Quest 1 & 2 Worksheet


  1. Create a pivot table by selecting cells A3:F17 and place on a new worksheet. 
  2. Rename the sheet to Quest 3 – Pivot and move it after the Chart 1 worksheet.


Using the Quest 3 – Pivot Worksheet


  1. Create a pivot table to filter and only show only the total sales for products with a poor assessment organized by category then product. 
  2. Apply a currency or accounting format to the total sales column.
  3. Sort the Total Sales column by largest to smallest.
  4. Apply conditional formatting to the Total Sales column so that only the BOTTOM 3 items are highlighted in yellow.
  5. Create, on this same sheet, a bar chart using the sales data from the pivot table. Add a descriptive chart title and data labels showing the amounts on each bar. Hide all field buttons on the chart.
  6. Save your work (CTRL+s).


4.     Functions and Financials (Excel TCOs 2, 6, and 7; 30 points)


Using the Quest 4-Financials Worksheet


a.     Complete the Income Statement by filling in cells D3 through D16 by using cell references of Total Sales column from the Quest1 & 2 worksheet.
Note: Do not just rekey the data.

b.     Add formulas for the shaded areas.

c.     Format the Total Revenue, Expenses, and Net Income in bold and apply appropriate numeric formatting to all data.

d.     Resize columns G through O to a width of 15. 

e.     Perform a one-way analysis (single data variable table, refer to Week 5, Lab 6) setup in cells G11–O15 to vary the pay rate to see the impact on the total expenses and net income.

f.      Apply conditional formatting to the options that produce at least $10,000 in net income in the above table.

g.     Format all the numeric data and labels on the worksheet using consistent and business like formatting options.

h.     Save your work (CTRL+s).


Continue Using the Quest 4–Financials Worksheet 


i.      Car Parts Service (CPS) wants to apply for a 10-year loan to expand their operations and they need to know how much the monthly payment will be with a $1,500 down payment or a $2,500 down payment on a loan of $50,000. The annual interest is 3.5% and payment is assumed to be made at the end of the period.

j.      Complete the Payment Function and Analysis table (Part B) by calculating the Loan Amount for cells K3 and K4 and the monthly payment amount for cells M3 and M4.

k.     Secure/Protect, without a password, the Quest 4-Financials worksheet tab.

l.      Save your work (CTRL+s).


5.     Organization, Planning, and Consolidation Strategies (Excel TCOs 5, 7, and 8; 40 points)


Using the Quest 5 –Data Organization Worksheet


a.     Consolidate the information on the CPS Part 5 – Data Organization spreadsheet from the three worksheets (San Francisco Branch, Denver Branch, and Boston Branch), using consolidation strategies that include the following.

1.     Group sheets and use the auto-fill to complete the list of months in Row 2.

2.     Add totals for both rows and columns.

3.     Apply formatting to column headings and merge and center a title across row 1 for each sheet.

4.     Open the blank worksheet, Quest 5- Data Organization use either data consolidate or 3-D formulas to summarize the three locations into a total company report using the same format as each location.

5.     Add row and column summary totals on the Quest 5-Organizing Data Worksheet.

6.     Apply numeric formatting to the data as appropriate.

7.     Use conditional formatting to highlight the top two selling products in green and the two lowest selling items in red.

b.     Summarize your results using an appropriate chart type and place it below the summarized data. Include chart formatting features to improve readability.

c.     Spell check the worksheet.

d.     Save your work (CTRL+s).


6.     Analysis, Summary, and Recommendation (Excel TCOs 8 and 9; 30 points)


Analyze the results from Quest 5 – Data Organization worksheet and create a report or memo with the following.

a.     Identify the top two selling items and the two lowest selling items.

b.     Add a chart or table to reflect your results, or use the chart created in Step 5.

c.     Offer management a recommendation to improve the business based upon your analysis.

d.     List at least two Lessons Learned from your course experience.

e.     Save and close your Excel file.


To Submit Your Work


Upload your completed file to the Week 8 Final ExamDropbox on our course site. Make sure that your submission is showing in the outbox with the file icon!


Go back to the eCollege Exam page, answer the exam question with TRUE and click Submit for Grading. You may also wish to check with the instructor before you leave the final to verify that your submission is in his or her inbox with the file properly attached.

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