Which statement is not true regarding spinal nerves



Question 1

Which statement is NOT true regarding spinal nerves? 


A. The ventral root of the spinal nerve will contain motor fibers (axons) that innervate the skeletal muscles

B. Each spinal nerve is associated with a specific dermatome

C. All 31 spinal nerves contain thousands of individual nerve fibers (axons) carrying information to and from the spinal cord

D. Spinal nerves only innervate the skin, muscles and joints

Question 2

Which of the following choices is NOT an effect of the sympathetic nervous system? 


A. Decreased blood flow to the gastrointestinal system while increasing blood flow to the skeletal muscles

B. Increased heart rate

C. Constriction of the pupils

D. Increased blood pressure

Question 3

Which two major nerves are associated or represent sensory (touch) information of the hand? 


A. Ulnar and Medial nerves

B. Radial and Medial nerves

C. Ulnar and Radial nerves

D. Axillary and Ulnar nerves

Question 4

Referred pain is when the body perceives somatic pain as visceral pain? 




Question 5

Which type of sensory receptor will detect the sensation of pain? 


A. Thermoreceptor

B. Nociceptor

C. Chemoreceptor

D. Mechanorececptor

Question 6

What statement is false regarding the sympathetic nervous system? 


A. Prepares the body for “fight or flight” activities/responses

B. The postganglionic fibers are all very short in length when compared to the postganglionic fibers of the parasympathetic nervous system

C. The preganglionic axons originate from the thoracic and lumbar region of the spinal cord

D. All of the preganglionic axons pass through the superior cervical ganglion

Question 7

Which of the following choices is NOT true regarding reflexes? 


A. Somatic reflexes activate skeletal muscle

B. The stretch or tendon reflexes are commonly performed during a physical examination

C. Neural integration (processing) of all reflexes occurs in the brain

D. The sensory neuron of a reflex arc transmit afferent impulses to the spinal cord

Question 8

Which major nerve is associated or represents the largest and thickest nerve in the body and almost innervates the entire lower limb? 


A. Sacral nerve

B. Ulnar nerve

C. Axillary nerve

D. Sciatic nerve

Question 9

Which cranial nerve is associated or represents a majority of its innervation to be parasympathetic in its action and innervates a wide variety of internal organs including the heart, lungs, intestines and liver? 


A.CN V: Trigeminal nerve

B. CN X: Vagus nerve

C. CN IX: Glossopharyngeal nerve

D. CN IV: Trochlear nerve

Question 10

The majority of the cranial nerves originate from the brain stem? 




Question 11

Which cranial nerve is associated or represents sensory information of most of the face, assists in innervating the muscles of mastication and is divided into three divisions? 


A.CN VII: Facial nerve

B. CN XI: Accessory nerve

C. CN V: Trigeminal nerve

D. CN XII: Hypoglossal nerve

Question 12

A ganglia is a collection of nerve cell bodies within the peripheral nervous system? 




Question 13

Which statement is NOT true regarding a nerve? 


A. A nerve itself is surrounded by an outer protective covering called the epineurium

B. Can contain hundreds and thousands of individual fibers (axons) of neurons

C. Nerves can always repair themselves no matter the damage or trauma

D. Can contain sensory (afferent) and motor (efferent) nerve fibers (axons)

Question 14

Which of the following choices is NOT an effect of the parasympathetic nervous system? 


A. Stimulates elimination of wastes such as feces and urine

B. Dilation of the bronchi in the lungs to increase airflow

C. Gastrointestinal system function is activated and increased to digest food

D. Decreased blood pressure

Question 15

A lower motor neuron damage occurs will cause hyporeflexia? 




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