Course 2013s_psy300_ve_abnormal psychology | Psychology homework help

Question 1 


“I want to maximize the antipsychotic effect of a drug while minimizing its undesirable side effects,” says a doctor. What’s the best advice you can give the doctor?

Answer   A. “Fortunately, effective doses of both conventional and atypical antipsychotic drugs do not produce a lot of undesirable side effects.” 

  B. “Use a conventional antipsychotic drug.” 

  C. “Unfortunately, effective doses of conventional and atypical antipsychotic drugs both produce a lot of undesirable side effects.” 

  D. “Use an atypical antipsychotic drug.” 

.1 points   

Question 2 


A patient who receives help in finding work, in finding a place to live, and in taking medication correctly is probably receiving:

Answer   A. social therapy. 

  B. family therapy. 

  C. milieu therapy. 

  D. insight therapy. 

.1 points   

Question 3 


Antipsychotic drugs were discovered accidentally when researchers were trying to develop:

Answer   A. sedatives. 

  B. antibiotics. 

  C. analgesics. 

  D. antihistamines. 

.1 points   

Question 4 


In considering the best treatment for schizophrenia, the treatment that has proven most beneficial in opening the door so that other forms of therapy can be effective is:

Answer   A. antipsychotic medication. 

  B. deinstitutionalization. 

  C. social therapy. 

  D. family therapy. 

.1 points   

Question 5 


If you and your family were receiving support, encouragement, and advice from other families with schizophrenic members, you would most likely be participating in:

Answer   A. family milieu therapy. 

  B. joint drug treatment. 

  C. All the answers are correct. 

  D. family psychoeducational programs. 

.1 points   

Question 6 


Helen was just discharged from a public mental health facility. She went to live with a group of other former patients in a group-living arrangement. There were staff members to help out but the former patients controlled most of the day-to-day activities. Helen’s living arrangement is a:

Answer   A. short-term hospital. 

  B. halfway house. 

  C. day center. 

  D. sheltered workshop. 

.1 points   

Question 7 


Research on therapy for schizophrenics and their families has been shown to:

Answer   A. increase feelings of guilt for family members. 

  B. increase tension and relapse rates. 

  C. work only in the absence of drug treatment. 

  D. help the schizophrenic avoid troublesome interactions with family members. 

.1 points   

Question 8 


Our experience using medication in treating those with schizophrenia teaches us that:

Answer   A. strict biological treatments are not enough to effectively treat schizophrenia. 

  B. medication does not work any better than other biological treatments. 

  C. the cause of schizophrenia is biological. 

  D. biological treatments are the only effective treatments. 

.1 points   

Question 9 


Milieu therapy is based primarily on the principles of ______ psychology.

Answer   A. cognitive 

  B. humanistic 

  C. psychodynamic 

  D. behavioral 

.1 points   

Question 10 


In the late 1950s, patients diagnosed with schizophrenia on one ward in a state mental hospital began making substantial progress. They became more active, their symptoms decreased, and within a few years, almost all of them had moved on to sheltered-care facilities, or other care outside the hospital. Most likely, they had been:

Answer   A. in a token economy. 

  B. in milieu therapy. 

  C. receiving atypical antipsychotic drugs. 

  D. participants in a well-controlled lobotomy study. 

.1 points   

Question 11 


The most successful way to eliminate tardive dyskinesia is:

Answer   A. to increase the dose of antipsychotic medication. 

  B. to use anti-Parkinsonian drugs to treat the side effects. 

  C. to ignore it; it will go away eventually. 

  D. to stop the antipsychotic medication. 

.1 points   

Question 12 


The “revolving door” syndrome in the treatment of mental illness refers to:

Answer   A. the inability to treat mental patients effectively. 

  B. repeatedly releasing and readmitting patients. 

  C. an open door policy in which patients may come and go as they please. 

  D. deinstitutionalization. 

.1 points   

Question 13 


Schizophrenics who are working in a sheltered workshop are receiving:

Answer   A. occupational training. 

  B. coordinated services. 

  C. partial hospitalization. 

  D. halfway house services. 

.1 points   

Question 14 


What was the dominant way of dealing with schizophrenic people during the first half of the twentieth century?

Answer   A. treatment with neuroleptic drugs 

  B. institutionalization 

  C. outpatient services 

  D. individual psychotherapy 

.1 points   

Question 15 


What is the MOST accurate advice you could give someone thinking about taking traditional antipsychotic medication for their schizophrenia?

Answer   A. “Although the drugs will probably work, there are significant side effects.” 

  B. “Although they work well, you probably won’t see the maximum results until after six months.” 

  C. “If you have negative symptoms of schizophrenia, you can expect better results from medication.” 

  D. “Try psychotherapy first; it often works just as well.” 

.1 points   

Question 16 


Token economies developed initially because:

Answer   A. behaviorists were only allowed to work with patients whose problems seemed hopeless. 

  B. behaviorists had tried the new antipsychotic medications with their patients and found them to be ineffective. 

  C. behaviorists, who were mostly nurses, wanted a way to get patients to take better care of their personal hygiene. 

  D. behaviorists were invited to mental hospitals because they held high status in the psychiatric community. 

.1 points   

Question 17 


The schizophrenic symptom most likely to be relieved by antipsychotic drugs is:

Answer   A. delusions. 

  B. flat affect. 

  C. lack of speech. 

  D. lack of purpose. 

.1 points   

Question 18 


You have just learned that an acquaintance who is diagnosed with schizophrenia will receive a combination of drug and family therapies. What do you think?

Answer   A. It’s wasting money; either form of therapy alone is as effective as the combination. 

  B. It’s wasting money; only the drug therapy will be effective. 

  C. The drug therapy is good, but would work better with milieu therapy. 

  D. This is good; family therapy works well along with drug therapy. 

.1 points   

Question 19 


Which of the following provides the best support for the statement that “people with schizophrenia are now dumped in the community rather than warehoused in institutions?”

Answer   A. Many schizophrenics live in single-room occupancy hotels or are homeless. 

  B. Government disability payments support many schizophrenics. 

  C. Most institutions are now closed or used for other types of patients. 

  D. Almost all schizophrenics are medicated, even though many experience serious side effects. 

.1 points   

Question 20 


Which of the following drugs can cause a dangerous drop in the number of white blood cells in the body?

Answer   A. haloperidol 

  B. clozapine 

  C. Thorazine 

  D. chlorpromazine 

.1 points   

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