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Quiz 2

Question 1

Rhonda is a counselor at a drug and alcohol treatment center. She grew up in an alcoholic home and is not fully aware of the “unfinished business” she has with her parents. She is still angry and resents her parents for having to grow up in an alcoholic family system. It is most likely that Rhonda will:

be able to understand her addicted clients through her own childhood experiences.

examine her unresolved conflicts as she continues to work in the treatment center.

obstruct the progress of her clients as they attempt to move towards recovery.

feel comfortable with her clients because she is familiar with their behavior.

Question 2

Ronald directs his clients toward solutions instead of encouraging them to seek alternatives for themselves. He is likely to have a strong need:

for approval.

to feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

to empower his client.

to nurture his client.

Question 3

________________ is the process whereby clients place past feelings or attitudes they had toward significant people in their lives onto their therapist.





Question 4

Termination of the therapy process:

can be mandated by ethics codes alone.

is regulated by state law.

is decided jointly by both the client and the therapist.

must always be decided solely by the therapist.

Question 5

Which of the following therapist behaviors might be indicative of a countertransference reaction?

Overprotecting the client

Treating the client in benign ways

Rejecting a client

Seeking the approval of the client

All of the choices

Question 6

Joanne finds herself wanting to solve her client’s problems which are similar to the issues her daughter is going through. Joanne gives advice and feels frustrated when her client won’t follow through on her suggestions. Her emotional reactions to her client, which involve her own projections is based on:





Question 7

When counselors become overly concerned with meeting their own needs or pushing their own personal agendas, their behavior becomes:

annoying to the client.



helpful to the client.

Question 8

Sexual or romantic feelings toward a client:

are the result of seductive behavior on the part of the client and need to be ignored.

are an indicator that the client needs to be referred to another counselor.

are unethical, counter therapeutic, and also illegal in many states.

do not necessarily mean that the counselor cannot effectively work with the client.

never occur if the counselor is operating within his or her professional code of ethics.

Question 9

Deutsch and Farber found surprisingly similar results in their surveys of therapists’ perceptions of stressful client behavior. In both studies therapists reported that the following clients’ behavior was most stressful for them:

aggression and hostility

suicidal statements

severely depressed clients

premature termination of therapy

agitated anxiety

Question 10

0 out of 4 points

The responsibility for addressing the assessment, remediation, and prevention of counselor impairment lies with:

the impaired counselor.

the ethics committee and licensing board.

colleagues of the impaired professional.

All of the choices

a and b

Question 11

___________________and ___________________ are the hallmarks of being able to make a difference in the helping professions.

Self-interest; ambition

Compassion for others; dedication to serving others

Good public relations skills; an outgoing personality

High verbal reasoning abilities; a high I.Q.

Question 12

Researchers point out that there is _________________________relationship between a practitioner’s personal life and his or her professional behavior.


a negative

an inverse

often a reciprocal and causal

Question 13

The authors state that in many ways, therapeutic encounters serve as mirrors in which therapists can see their own lives reflected. As a consequence,

therapy can become a catalyst for change in the therapist as well as in the client.

many therapists become narcissistic.

therapists tend to commit ethical violations stemming from blurred boundaries.

All therapists are required to participate in their own therapy.

Question 14

0 out of 4 points

Tanya seems to meet some of her personal needs through counseling her clients. This is

a win/win situation for Tanya and her clients since it is always a sign of being highly invested in the process when counselors meet their own personal needs through their work.

acceptable as long as these needs do not assume priority or get in the way of her clients’ growth.

never acceptable under any circumstances.

illegal in 42 states.

Question 15

When we are unaware of our needs and personal dynamics,

we cannot harm our clients.

we are like most clinicians practicing today.

we are likely to satisfy our own unmet needs or perhaps steer clients away from exploring conflicts that we ourselves fear.

it is quite possible that we are suffering from a personality disorder.

Question 16

The NAADAC Code of Ethics (2008) states: “I shall not do for others what they can readily do for themselves but rather, facilitate and support the doing. Likewise, I shall not insist on doing what I perceive as good without reference to what the client perceives as good and necessary.” This statement speaks directly to the need for

client autonomy.

therapist control.

malpractice insurance.

social justice.

Question 17

Which of the following statements is true with regard to therapists experiencing personal problems and conflicts?

If you are experiencing problems, you have no business practicing as a therapist.

Psychoanalysis is increasingly being recommended for trainees who are experiencing countertransference.

Therapists should be aware of their areas of denial and unresolved problems and conflicts.

Therapists are strongly encouraged to work through their personal issues in supervision.

Question 18

Cathy is an eating disorders specialist who has a past history of bulimia. Given her personal experiences with dysfunctional eating patterns, Cathy

can draw upon her life experiences in her work as a counselor.

should abandon her specialization and choose a new area to specialize in so as to practice ethically.

should assume that her clients developed their dysfunctional eating patterns for the same reasons that she developed bulimia.

should be very open with her clients about her struggles with bulimia and tell them her own stories to make them feel more comfortable.

Question 19

Informing students prior to entering a training program that self-exploration will be part of their training

more than satisfies the requirement for informed consent.

only minimally satisfies the requirement for informed consent.

has little to do with informed consent.

is a scare tactic that many programs use to screen out prospective students who are not serious candidates.

Question 20

Some professionals believe that self-care is a ____________________________ for mental health practitioners.


moral imperative

legal requirement

waste of valuable time

Question 21

Mary is seeking abortion counseling from a practitioner who has been actively involved in the pro-life movement. The therapist has extreme discomfort with Mary’s values and doesn’t think he could maintain objectivity. It would be best if he:

doesn’t share his values with Mary and work within the value system of his clients.

help Mary to understand his values so she can make a different decision concerning her pregnancy.

refers Mary to a therapist who shares her values.

set firm boundaries with Mary on what she can discuss in regards to her pregnancy.

Question 22

Thomas has full-blown AIDS and has decided to end his life rather than continue to suffer. The counselor he is working with does not condone rational suicide. In this case, the counselor needs to:

refer Thomas to a competent professional who is qualified to assist him.

learn as much as possible about the course of Thomas’s illness.

explore the impact of Thomas’s religious beliefs on making his decision to end his life.

help Thomas seek medical treatment that will help him cope with his pain.

Question 23

Which of the following statements is most accurate?

Spirituality and religion tend to fluctuate in importance to Americans.

Freud believed that religious faith was important in the lives of his patients, which stemmed from his own strong religious beliefs.

Counselors must understand their own spiritual/religious beliefs if they hope to gain an in-depth appreciation of the beliefs of their clients.

When clients are searching for meaning in life, it is appropriate for therapists to strongly suggest they seek religion as an answer.

Question 24

The idea that psychotherapy is value neutral is

no longer tenable.

still considered a legitimate view by most counseling associations.

an ideal to which counselors must aspire.

one that is easily attainable.

Question 25

Shania is seeking counseling to resolve her feelings about the ending of an extramarital affair. Her boyfriend who is married broke up with her and she is very angry about this. She informs her therapist that she plans to contact the wife in order to “ruin” their marriage. The therapist should

allow Shania to carry out her plans and deal with the consequences of her actions.

impose her values on Shania in this particular instance since the consequences might be devastating if she carries out her plan.

discuss alternative options with Shania, so that she is aware of some other ways of dealing with her anger.

contact the boyfriend out of her duty to warn.



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